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豐富、個性的旅宿體驗 – 南二京旅宿

保留著悠久的歷史,結合個性居家時尚,南二京旅宿的每一個空間提供給旅人溫暖、舒適的宿泊環境。 旅人可依照地理位置,旅宿型態、人數選擇適合您的宿泊空間。

Enjoy choosing from a unique selection of living environments

At Nanni, we blend in the rich history of these buildings with unique qualities of modern living environments. Please select the space that best suits your travel needs, taking in mind the location and numbers of guests that will be staying.

What is a Machiya

日本傳統京町家,寬度窄,長度長,亦有「うなぎの寢床」之稱。根據京都市定義,「1950年以前按照傳統木造軸組構法修建的木造家屋」才可稱為 京町家

Traditional wooden townhouse, or Machiya, a.k.a "a bed for an eel" (unagi no nedoko). According to Building Standard Act of Japan, only those built before 1950 can be catagorized as Machiya.

南二. 西院町屋
Nanni Saiin Machiya

最大定員 6名 單人加大床 2 日式床鋪 4 Maximum Capacity 6 Twin Bed 2, Futon 4

西院. 料理之家
Saiin Ryourinoya

最大定員 6名 單人床 2 日式床鋪 4 Maximum Capacity 6 Single Bed 2, Futon 4


最大定員 5名 雙人加大 1 日式床鋪 3 Maximum Capacity 5 King Bed 1, Futon 3

Izen Machiya

最大定員 3名 單人床 2 沙發床 1 Maximum Capacity 3 Twin Bed 2, Sofa Bed