IROE KOTO Grand Opening Promotion


IROE KOTO Grand Opening Promotion

Kyoto Nanni’s New Machiya 「IROE KOTO」Grand Opening Promotion

Located at the Dai-dairi of Heian Period (present day as Bentenchō next to Nishinjin), one of the main stage of “The Take of Genji”, this hundred year tradition Japanese townhouse presents a serene and elegant modern residential space. Convenient location with bus stop that takes you to most part of Kyoto directly without transferring, restaurants, drug stores, restaurant and bars within walking distance.

Promotion Contents:

Reserve newly refurbished 「IROE KOTO」between 2018.09.01~2019.3.15 from 14000yen ~ for 1-5 guests, enjoy the entire Machiya with your families and friends.

Promotion Details:

– Promotion good for 「IROE KOTO」only
– Must reserved 2 days minimum.
– Listed price for 1-5 guests, entire house.
– Floating Rates. Some dates in November, December and February may have different rates. (Please refer to rates on Calendar)
– A complimentary city guide tour included if reserved over 5 days.

For more detailed listing informations and photos, please PRESS HERE!