餐桌上的愛情 料理好きの家
Love at the kitchen table, Ryourizuki no Ie


Ryourizuki no Ie

餐桌上的愛情 料理好きの家
Love at the kitchen table, Ryourizuki no Ie

緊鄰南二西院町屋旁,同樣曾是製扇世家於 1920年所建立並於 2016年初由京都知名建築事務所八清翻新。料理好きの家,建築師的概念是希望能藉由一進玄關處便能瞧見的開放式廚房,以料理將人之間的距離拉近,於餐桌上分享生活點滴

Love at the kitchen table, Ryourizuki no Ie

Refurbished in 2016 by Kyoto’s well known construction company, Hachise, this Kyo-Machiya townhouse was name Ryourizuki no Ie. With the open kitchen that can be seen once you step inside the house, the concept is to bring the distance between families and friends closer, sharing life and love through cooking and dining.



A big open-air wooden platform space from the external gate to the entrance door, a perfect spot for an outdoor breakfast or afternoon tea. 

Living Room


The living room connects the entrance and the dining areas with the stairs, the tea room, and the Japanese garden.  The room is equipped with a 2.5 seat sofa, a solid wooden center table, as well as 49 inch TV with the Netflix capability

Reading Room


Facing the Japanese garden, the area serves as a relaxing space for tea, chatting or reading. This room is converted into a small single room when the group needs a fifth bedding.

Island Kitchen


A full size kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffee maker, three gas stoves, pans and pots, and dishes and cups as well as a dining table for four

Japanese Gargen


Once you opened the unique traditional sliding door, you’ll find a Japanese garden with Tsubaki as the main visual. Brew a cup of Sencha  in the morning, enjoy the seasonal changes of Kyoto while sitting at this beautiful garden.

Separate Bathroom &Toilet


Be accompanied by the Japanese garden, whether you shower with the vintage style shower-head or bath in the thermostat bathtub surrounded with soft blue grey tiles.

2F Corridor


The open space between the twin room and the tatami room could installed a double size mattress if needed.  Occasionally, you can view the moon through the dormer when lying on the mattress.

2F Bedroom


The century old elm wood that mounted between the corridor and the master bedroom cleverly combined the traces from the folding fan artisan with modern interior art. With two single beds installed, it can be combined into a super king size bed upon request.

High Ceiling Home

玄關處鋪上小碎石地板,白色牆面一路挑高至屋頂,屋內的主視覺的黃色是 2016年改建時,設計師大膽的用色,讓整體空間顯得活潑明亮。

A big opening which connects the atmospheres of first and second floors.  It was used to be closed as part of the second floor before the house was fully renovated in 2016

地址 京都市中京區壬生東淵田町 18-6
房間數 3 寢室
間取り 2 洋式房、1 日式榻榻米房、1 客廳、1 開放式廚房、1 乾濕分離衛浴、1 庭院、1 露台
旅宿費用 1-4 人 30,000円~ (浮動旅宿費用,請依照日曆上訂價為主)
4人 後每人加收 4,000円~ 
最大容納人數 6 人
Address 18-6 Mibuhigashifuchitacho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto City
# of Rooms 3 Bedrooms
Floor Plans 2 Bedrooms, 1 Tatami Room, 1 Living Rooms, 1 Open Kitchen, 1 Toilet, 1 Bath, 1 Japanese Garden, 1 Patio
Accommodation Fee 1-4 px 30,000 yen~ (Floating A.Rate, please refer to Calendar)。After 4px, ea.+ 4,000yen~
Max Capacity 6 px
Licn# of Hotel Acts  

[ 地址 ]
京都市中京區壬生東淵田町 18-6
[ 鄰近車站 ]
阪急電鐵、京福電鐵「西院」駅 徒歩 6分
京都市営巴士「四条御前通」徒歩 3分

[ Address ]
18-6 Mibuhigashifuchitacho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto City
[ Nearest stations ]
6 minutes walk from Saiin Station of Hankyu and Keifuku Rail
3 minutes walk from Shijo Onmaedori Stop of Kyoto City Bus