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Sebastian and Cecilia ( in Argentine )

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南二 西院町屋 七月時來了一對非常可愛的情侶,來自於阿根廷。兩人決定在兩年前放下手邊的工作,由於熱愛亞洲的文化便開始了一連串的長期旅行。從馬來西亞、新加坡、柬埔寨、泰國、接著往北至台灣和現在的日本之旅,至今已長達兩年的旅程,各地的文化差異和居住環境,若沒有一定的毅力與勇氣是做不到的。


這次兩人為南二的 西院町屋,以阿根廷母語拍攝了許多畫面,詳細的介紹了日本京町家的背景以及各設施的使用方式,禮儀等等。為此,我們非常感謝,也希望朋友能撥空加入他們下方幾處社交平台支持他們鼓勵。


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Kyoto Guesthouse Nanni received a lovely couple from Argentina in early July, Sebastian and Cecilia. They began a series of long-term trip two years ago for their passion towards Asian culture. So far they’ve travel to Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, then headed North to Taiwan and now Japan. Without certain perseverance and courage, two years of travel to places with many cultural and living environment differences were not able to achieve.

During their travel, they occasionally performed some part-time job such as Trusted House Sitter, marketing promotion for small local business and other image, blog works. The rest of the time, they would slowly enjoy the humanity and cultures with their five sense, in their own paste and rhythm.

Special thanks to Sebastian and Cecilia for taking the times and efforts to film all these wonderful clips of Nanni Saiin Machiya and edited into one video, introducing the culture background of Machiya and the manner of Japanese home living manners. Here we would like to ask friends of Kyoto Guesthouse Nanni to give your fullest support to the couple by adding their social apps.

Please enjoy the video

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